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Online Written Test Preparation FAQ's

Q. What, if after buying your program, I find that online study is just not for me?

A. Many of our customers had reservations about studying online. That is the reason we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, no questions asked.

Q. The idea of “cracking the books” after a long day at work seems daunting. I don't know if I have the discipline to stick with a program that requires home study.

A. The last we heard, learning to fly is supposed to be a fun experience. To that end, lessons are brief and to the point, taught by our hand-picked veteran line instructors who have the talent to present material clearly in a most entertaining way. You won't be lectured or talked down to. . . or bored with juvenile jokes and theatrics. And with American Flyers' high quality video and state of the art graphics, you will actually look forward to starting the next chapter. Simply put, the online format is just like being in a classroom with us! 

Q. Does your program involve just memorizing a lot of questions that appear on the test? I can do that with a test guide.

A. Although we provide sample questions you'll see on the actual exam, it's far more beneficial to you to understand the concepts the FAA is trying to test, rather than just the correct answer. We're in the business of providing a sound aviation education for our students, not help develop their memory skills.

Q. Does your program run on Mac's or iPhones?

A. You can use a PC, Mac, iPad or iPhone or most mobile devices to view the course.  It is an online based program that runs with the most basic of computer tools, so there is nothing to download and likely nothing to install.

Q. Why is your course so much less expensive than others?

A. Good question … American Flyers teaches pilots – that's what we do!  Whether it's on the internet or in the classroom, we're already providing hundreds of hours of flight instruction every week.  Producing a sampling of some of our most entertaining teachers' presentations is easy for us, but may be costly for some of the other publishers out there who need to recruit their on-screen talent.  We don't know for sure, but we're guessing that this is why competitors have to charge so much more for their products. 

Q. Can you further describe the format of your program?

A. American Flyers' instructors will teach and review the information you need to pass the FAA written. Simply, the format is just like being in a classroom with us; multiple subject areas are broken into segments, letting you can pick and chose where to start and what areas that you want to review.  Chapter quizzes and practice exams are available for you to test your knowledge and build your confidence.  Upon completion, we'll even sign you off for the FAA written. 

Q. How long will it take?

A.It depends on how much you want or need to study.  Our courses include anywhere from 6-9 hours of video presentation, so they can be completed in a day.  However, most students will review chapters a few times to ensure proper understanding and will take time out for quizzes and practice tests.  If you plan on using effectively these courses a few hours each night, you should be ready for the FAA exam in less than a week.  If you turn this into a full-time job, you can get your signoff in 1-2 days.  

Q. How will I receive my written exam endorsement?

A. Each chapter will contain a series of practice quizzes covering material that was presented. At the end of the program you will have access to a mock written exam. New questions will appear on this test each time you decide to take it. After you complete the exam and receive a passing score of at least 70%, you will receive an email containing a printable endorsement in .pdf format. Simply present this page at your local testing facility. Don't forget to bring a government-issued photo ID.
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