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  Okay, you've promised yourself for the last time to get your Instrument Rating … no more cancelled flights, no more fretting over the weather and no more flying through those murky days. You're convinced that an Instrument Rating will make you a better VFR pilot; definitely a safer one and you know that it's much nicer flying above those clouds where the air is calm, the visibility, forever. You know all that, now you need some assistance to get finished and that's where American Flyers' know-how can help.
  Preparing to become an Instrument pilot this year requires less time and cost than it did just a few years ago – and we guarantee that you will become a more proficient pilot with better than ever retention.
  American Flyers' philosophy of flight training begins with an organized plan using a detailed syllabus called the Instrument Rating Learning Guide. We combine this manual with simulator instruction where you will learn all the necessary IFR procedures on the ground – and then practice them in the aircraft with your instructor until you are comfortable and proficient.

  A good simulator is an incredible learning tool. . . you can cover 3 to 4 times as much material in them as compared to an aircraft, whether you use one of our "live" instructors or "programed learning" software courses. Learn More
  Over the last 70 years, American Flyers has graduated more Instrument pilots than any other school in the world… that's experience you can rely on.

It won't cost you a nickel to call American Flyers and discuss how we can help you. Let's
talk – call 800-362-0808.

Become IFR qualified in as little as 10 days or we'll custom tailor a program to fit your schedule
Call Jeff Omet For Program Details
800-362-0808 or by Email
16 hours of IFR instruction for $1995.00.  Accomplish your goal with a series of weekend segments. (Click Here)

Learn more about our 5 Day Instrument Course (Click Here)
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