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“When it’s inconvenient to get to the Airport, we’ll bring it to you… “
The “American Flyers School in a Box Educational System” may be one of the most exciting innovations since Orville and Wilbur “pedaled” us into the air. By “bundling” the Flying Professor Courseware for the Instrument Rating with a laptop computer, flight controls, and pre-installed software, it’s now possible to reduce the cost of your flight training by over 30%. Equally important is that you will become a more proficient pilot.
Our Flying Professor Simulator is great fun to fly, and an efficient tool for learning all of the Instrument procedures and techniques before ever going out to the airport to practice. We configured the newest “name brand” laptop computer to run Windows 7 operating system and added a Dual-Core Processor for great performance. And the best part is that we’ve installed all the courseware, software and hardware you’ll need to enjoy our program, and placed them into a portable and durable case. Your very own simulator will be shipped right to your door. Just plug it in and you’re ready to fly while save thousands of dollars.
Your Personal Flying Professor Simulator Includes:
Flying Professor Instrument Courseware American Flyers’ Flying Professor Instrument Courseware with 20
hours of instruction and 11 interactive flight lessons
Microsoft Flight Simulator Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX
Laptop computer A brand-new Laptop computer with all software preinstalled and pre-flighted
Simulator Laptop comes with Windows 7 Operating System, massive hard drive, and RAM, l Dual-Core Processor and a 15.5” High resolution monitor
CH Pro Rudder Pedals CH Pro Rudder Pedals
CH Products Flight Sim Yoke with throttle quadrant CH Products Flight Sim Yoke with throttle quadrant
On-line Instrument Written Preparation Program On-line Instrument Written Preparation Program
Instrument Written Flash Cards with FAA Questions On-line 200 Card Deck of Instrument Written Flash Cards with FAA Questions, detailed answers and beautiful photos of airplanes
On-line Instrument Flight Program On-line Instrument Flight Program
Simulator On-line Instrument “Oral Preparation” Program
Simulator Set-up and Instruction Manual Simulator Set-up and Instruction Manual
304-page Instrument Pilot Learning Guide Over 300 plus page Instrument Pilot Learning Guide
Flight Simulator Supplement Flight Simulator Supplement containing instrument charts and procedures
custom-made carrying case A convenient and durable custom-made carrying case
Your investment $1,295.00 This Product is
Temporarily Unavailable
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Save $3,000 Or More On Your Instrument Rating

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Also Available For The Private License or IFR Proficiency

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