On-Line Flight Instructor Renewal Course
American Flyers has been teaching pilots for over 75 years and has conducted Flight Instructor Revalidation Classes since their inception three decades ago. 45,000 of your fellow instructors have enjoyed and contributed to this on-line program. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our program please call our Instructor Support Team - all pilots themselves, they are knowledgeable as well as personable and will look forward to talking to you.
Why did 45,000 fellow instructors pick American Flyers Instructor Renewal over other programs?
Flight Instructor Renewal Course Price: Nobody offers a lifetime subscription for only $75.00. You pay just once, and then for as long as you continue to renew, your on-line class is free. That means that during an average career you will save over $1,300 (the competition's fees will be over $1,500 - only American Flyers has a one time fee of $75. . . and it may be tax deductible - check with your accountant.))
CFI Renewal Course Value: Nobody offers you more video; Nobody updates their site more often; Nobody has a support group of instructors ready to expertly answer your questions and; Nobody has more optional material just in case you want to go beyond the FAA requirements.
FIRC American Flyers is one of you, almost all of us are pilots and instructors. We're not a traveling ground school, not a publisher...we earn our living every day like you...in a cockpit of an airplane.
Flight Instructor Renewal Course Also included is a TSA module - Upon completion of this stand alone course, you will be able to print the Annual/Recurrent Security Awareness Training Certificate of Completion"
CFI Renewal Course * Option: For your convenience, we can process all the required FAA Paperwork (IACRA or traditional ACR Service) for a nominal fee.
FIRC Money Back Guarantee - Click Here
Pay Once and Renew for the Rest of Your Career

Special Anniversary Price!
One-Time Fee. . . $75.00

For On-Line FIRC Support Call
Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm CST

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