Online Written Course
Unmanned Aircraft – General
Written Preparation Program - 7 Hours

Course Content

- Airspace Classification and Special use Airspace
- Weather and Aviation Weather Services
- Effects of Weather on Aircraft Performance
- Aircraft Loading, Weight and Balance
- Radio Communications Procedures
- Physiological Factors
- Aeronautical Decision Making
- Part 107 Regulations and Procedures

What You’ll Need

- E6B Navigation Computer, Electronic or Manual
- Plotter
- Calculator
- Pencils and Erasers
- Reference Material: VFR Sectional Chart, AFD

Program Cost

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Thanks for your help! I'm never disappointed with the quality of the products or level of customer service with American Flyers!
~ John K.

I completed the PVT Written Exam today and passed with a 93%. I appreciate all of your help and look forward to completing my Commercial Training with you guys when I get to that point.
~ Ken W.

Hi Tim I just wanted to let you know I took my written yesterday and scored a 95%. Thanks again for a great program
~ Shawn H.

I was using your program to get the writtens passed for my instrument and commercial. I have my instrument multi, and have my commercial multi checkride tomorrow! I really like your online program as it helped me pass both writtens! thanks!
~ Ian D.

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