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$99 – Pay Once, and Renew Your Flight Instructor Certificate Every Two Years, At No additional Cost!

Go at Your Own Pace - Come and go as you please – the course will track your progress.

Completely Online Format - No downloads, no installation, nothing to print. Log on using any device with an internet connection.

iPad Compatible - iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Mac, PC, or Laptop … use any number of computers to access the course; it is not tied to any one device.

Lifetime Benefit – Pay once and revalidate for the rest of your career at no additional cost.

Save Yourself a Trip to the FSDO! Have American Flyers guide and walk you through the paperwork; we'll make sure you get renewed.

$25.95 IACRA – Paperless! Nothing to mail, nothing to notarize, complete everything from your computer using the FAA's site and download your temporary certificate when completed.

$50 ACR – Traditional mail-in service – no registration on new websites, no more usernames and passwords to remember. Put your documents in an envelope and send them to us.
• Culture of Safety
• Ethics and Professionalism
• Flight Review and IPC
• Pilot Deviations and How to Teach Your Students to Avoid
• Regulatory Review
• TSA: General Aviation Security
• Stall/Spin Awareness Training
• Take Off and Landings; Reducing Accidents and Loss of Control
• Navigating in the 21st Century
• Preventing Loss of Control While Operating IFR
• Security-Related Special Use Airspace
• Continuous Education—FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam)

The online FIRC course consists of 12 lessons, each of which culminates in a quiz. The first 11 quizzes have 5 multiple-choice questions about the material contained in the lesson. The Final Quiz at the end of Lesson 12 is cumulative and contains 15 randomly selected questions covering the content from all of the lessons.

The FAA is now requiring ALL FIRC providers to verify that the minimum 12 hours of course content has been met by each renewing applicant, so ALL FIRC providers must add a timer to their courses so that study time can be documented. American Flyers has implemented this by having a clock that remains in the background, out of sight and is activated each time you open a section within a lesson. 3 sections are presented to you on the screen at a time, and you will not be able to proceed until the amount of time appropriate to studying and retaining the information presented is reached. You may then proceed to the next section within the lesson and so on. You may go back at any time to sections and lessons that you have already studied.

The content of the course will include links to relevant websites and reports, as well as videos. Time spent on those additional resources will count toward the minimum time for that section and lesson. If you find you are completing the sections quicker than the allocated time, we strongly recommend that you make use of those resources for further review.

Upon successful completion of the course and final exam you will be issued a graduation certificate. This certificate will be a necessary document when filing your renewal paperwork.

- I recently finished renewing my CFI with you for the second time and wanted to say thanks for the great product! It went smooth and I'm happy I signed up! Thanks so much!! Keep up the good work. - Joshua Curtis

- I just wanted to drop you a note to thanks American Flyers for their great online FIRC. Not only did I enjoy taking the class I also took it free since it was the second time I had taken the course. I also really liked having the option to pay a small fee and have AF process the paperwork. I received my new certificate in the mail yesterday and I am a very happy customer. - Lauren Rezac

- Thanks guys! Such an easy and informative process. Will recommend you to everyone I can. - Charlie

- I would like to mention that I am very pleased and extremely satisfied by the Refresher Course. The course content was concise and very useful to brush up on my Instructional Skills. Good job done by the American Flyers Team. I will definitely recommend it to my fellow instructor friends for their renewals. - Mohit Verma

- I just completed my online Flight Instructor single - multiengine - instrument recurrent training. I just received my temporary certificate. Thank you for offering this type of training and certification. This program enabled me to maintain my currency away from any FSDO facilities. Thanks - Tom

- I want to give you A++. This has been the easiest paperwork to complete after taking the course. The way I could do it using IACRA combined with your content-list was just brilliant. Thank you so much! You have a client for life. - Finn Thirud

- Just finished your FIRC. I thought it had some very good useful information, very good review, easy and enjoyable to use. Even though i could walk into the local FAA office and renew my certificate, I was glad i went through your course. I definitely picked up information that new or I forgot and had not used in awhile. - Jeff Starr

- Rarely in today's competitive world do you find an online education provider that provides this level of professional, customer-focused service. My hat's off to American Flyers! - Mark Barker

- Good afternoon! This is at least the 4th or 5th time I have renewed my CFI using the American Flyers' FIRC program. It is very impressive! And this is the best one yet!! - Carter Taylor

- The online video was very helpful. I had one additional issue. The IACRA website would only let me accept Terms of Service as a Certifying Instructor so I had to add a role. Your online chat support (Tim) helped me do that. Great job! - James Terry

- Thank you so much for all your help! I appreciate that you were able to work between my generally hectic schedule. This is some of the best customer service I have had, and I will be sure to spread the word. - Robert Hall

- I just received my temp CFI-I online, I'm happy with it. I had some difficulties on IACRA as it shows not supporting Firefox and even with explorer was somehow laborious when e-signing the form. Otherwise my overall great satisfaction on the smoothness all along the process and specially the valuable help from live online assistance personnel from American Flyers. For your information I earned my CFI Instrument with AF in Pompano Beach Air Park in Feb 2005. Thank you all and best regards. - Captain Mohamed M. Badar Djibouti (East Africa)

- It has by far been the best, hassle-free FIRC I have ever taken. The course is direct and to the point without any unnecessary "fluff" material added in. Unlike previous courses I've taken, I'm actually looking forward to doing it again in a couple years! - Tom

- Thank you and for all your excellent assistance! Also please pass on thanks to all of the American Flyers FIRC personnel for providing such a good course in such an efficient manner. You have made taking the as enjoyable and easy (course not content) as possible to complete with great text and advice along the way. Additionally even things like the little video with a full description of how to register with IACRA thereby enabling all necessary paperwork to be completed online is much appreciated. I'm sure I'm speaking for many a CFI by expressing my sincere gratitude. - Dave

- I love you guys, GREAT customer service, very helpful, really organized and professional. After I completed my FIRC I received a call from you guys the next morning reminding me to sign my IACRA. Honestly I appreciate your job, and hope to talk to you guys two years from now. Good Day. - Edgar Flores

- Your course gets the job done with pertinent and to the point information...also, it's devoid of subjective questions. For those who want simplicity and a comprehensive review of applicable material this is a great choice. Thank you. - Michael Cranson

- I really liked having the topics and quizzes broken into smaller categories. Also, having the self pacing was good. - Bruce Sherman

- The course was excellent. The paperless process was very well explained and easy to follow. I finished the course Friday, and I have my temporary certificate today, Saturday. Outstanding! - Bill Hunt

- Compliment about the program. I just renewed my CFI using the FIRC for the third time since joining in 2010. I appreciate the value and the lifetime membership, but more importantly the friendly and efficient service that American Flyers has provided. Ashley took the time to answer a few questions I had last week, and even provided a critical tip which ensured that I finished prior to my expiration date. Thanks again for the assistance, I look forward to using American Flyers for other services as well in the future. - Alex Pope

- Thanks for the great job processing my CFI renewal. I was amazed that you were able to process my temporary certificate yesterday on a Federal Holiday. I look forward to working with you on my next renewal and will highly recommend this course to my fellow CFIs. - Truman Whiting


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